What Does A Digital Marketing Agency Do?

You may notice your website lacking visitors, or your business’ Facebook page isn’t reaching the right people (or any people at all). Maybe you can’t make sense of Google Ads. Or maybe you just don’t know how much time or money to spend on each aspect of growing your brand. That’s where we come in. As a digital marketing agency, we work with you to solve all of these issues and more, to guarantee that your business will be seen by the people that you want to see it.

What we do:

Investing in the help of a digital marketing agency is an important step for any small business, but what exactly does a digital marketing agency do?  The services that different agencies offer can vary, depending on what each agency prioritises and their areas of expertise. However, the common goal of any digital marketing agency is the same – get your business noticed online and confidently attribute their work to an increase in revenue, leads or enquiries.

Generally, this will include optimising your website in order to ensure all copy and general content is up to date and as relevant to the target audience as possible. The practice of increasing the quantity and quality of organic traffic is often referred to as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Many businesses also choose to leverage their online presence by creating paid advertisement campaigns. For many business owners and online marketers this is often an agile and flexible approach to driving increased and immediate visibility across a mixture of different platforms dependent on your business needs and objectives.

Accomplished Digital Marketing Agencies will use valuable data they can extract  from various marketing tools to accurately report and inform on the success that these platforms have provided their business. Alongside this, agencies will typically offer management of your social media channels to increase your presence there too. This is widely known as ‘organic social media’ (In other words; not being reliant on spending to grow on the social media platform).

At Fueld, we prioritise understanding your business inside and out. Our method is to delve into what success looks like to you, and tailor our services to what we identify as the areas of your company that would benefit most from our attention. We offer everything mentioned above and more; we’ll create targeted, valuable content for your website as well as regularly revisit our work to make the changes required by the ever-shifting nature of building brand awareness.

Why is it important?

Many small businesses are reluctant to invest in any help with their digital marketing – it can often be hard to grasp how much it really contributes to the success of your business. Research, and our results, show just how important it is to build a solid presence online through the help of marketing experts.

For example, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), one of our services, focuses on driving organic traffic to your website. Organic traffic, the visitors that arrive to your website from an unpaid source, typically makes up around 50% of all traffic to websites. This is more than paid advertisement traffic and social media traffic combined.

As such, it is vital that your website adheres to the best practises for ranking on a certain search engine, most likely to be Google. If your website isn’t properly optimised, people could be searching for terms very closely related to what your company is all about, but your website will be unlikely to show up. You’ll never receive the traffic and awareness of your brand that you deserve, or bring in customers that may absolutely love or greatly be in need of what you do.

If you don’t know where to look, what tools to use or how to interpret all the jargon and data, you might not even know what your website is lacking, and how much it could be improved. The same goes for paid advertisement and social media campaigns. It all comes together to build your website into the best it can be. Learning all the ins-and-outs of increasing your online presence takes time, and that’s why you should leave it to us.

So, if you’re the owner of a fast growing or accomplished business that isn’t performing as well as it should be (or as well as you want it to be), then please get in touch. We’ll take a look over your website and your marketing strategy to get an overview for where we think your business could use the most attention, as well as listen to any qualms you may have with where you’re at so far. We’ll work closely with you every step of the way so you know exactly where improvements are being made. Call us on 01225 281001 or 01172 761001 or send us a message to get started today.

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