Who We Are

Powered by creativity, guided by data

We’re a tenacious, capable team of commercial strategists and business growth experts with a wealth of proven expertise across digital marketing. Using the combined power of creativity and data, we partner with ambitious eCommerce and service-based brands to achieve measurable and often dramatic business growth.

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We're trailblazing a different way of doing digital

We’ve assembled a team of talented digital marketing pros who share our values of people-first transparency, insight, boldness and bravery.

Fueld is striving to create an agency brand that resonates with growth-minded businesses and attracts the best people. Meet our team below.

Our Staff

Carl Williams

SEO Manager

An expert in SEO strategy, content planning, and technical optimisation.

‘’I create strategies with ROI at the centre of the entire approach. Improving the efficiency of processes, and making sure the work we do is at the forefront of SEO best practices are the parts of my role I most enjoy.’’

Callum Davies

Head of Search

An experienced digital advertising specialist with a focus on eCommerce and the luxury sector, primarily in targeting Ultra High Net Worth Individuals.

“There’s nothing more rewarding than getting stuck into data, finding opportunities for growth and delivering exceptional results. My role covers search, display and video across the Google and Bing networks. A typical day could see me meeting with clients, campaign planning for upcoming events, technical data analysis and optimisation.”

Johannes Dethleff

Head of Paid Social

A performance marketing and brand specialist with extensive experience in eCommerce and a rich background in the cycling and fitness sectors.

“From startups to established brands, I've delivered success across hundreds of campaigns, taking great satisfaction from working closely with clients to understand and overcome all types of marketing challenges.”

Scarlet Seymour

SEO Executive

Scarlet takes the lead with our technical SEO department, often solving complex issues and guiding our clients through big web migration projects.

Ilaria Moretti

Client Services Account Manager

Ilaria is the glue between all departments and our go-to person for all client management. Having a wealth of experience with big London agencies, Ilaria brings a fresh dynamic to client management and often simplifies complex campaigns through her eagle-eyed processes.

Catering for your audience

Laser-sharp targeting

Our approach is designed to increase the quality and quantity of your leads, sales and audience engagement. 

We define, refine and captivate your target audience, cherry-picking from our suite of digital marketing services to tailor a personalised growth plan for your brand.

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Your Leadership Team

Russell Gregory


An experienced business consultant with an abundance of digital marketing expertise, leading creative teams to commercial success.

“Overseeing client delivery, ensuring our customers always get the very best service from the Fueld team, keeping standards at their highest whilst constantly refining our approach”

Ollie Brightman


A commercial strategist and leader that simplifies the digital marketing landscape, exploring new markets to evolve the Fueld offering and to accelerate client results.

“I’m responsible for overseeing the seamless delivery of our clients' marketing campaigns and ensuring our agency is accountable every step of the way. ROI and transparency is at the heart of our ethos.”

Mike Balfour


Mike made his name in business through transforming a bankrupt squash club into the world’s largest chain of fitness clubs. With Mike as CEO, Fitness First had 550 clubs in 21 Countries across the world, with 1.5 million members and 20,000 employees.

When Mike isn't guiding and advising the commercial and leadership teams, he can often be found cruising the med.

Maximise investment

ROI is everything

Return on investment sits at the core of all our activities, generating the very best results for your budget. Our creative, data-driven approach maximises your investment, regardless of size, while transparently managing expectations.

Our story

Fueld Co-founders and Directors Russell Gregory and Oliver Brightman met in 2010, while working with leading SEO agencies and national brands on high-profile campaigns. Both were frustrated by agencies that were regularly prioritising meaningless results, and they knew there was a better way. So, Fueld was born in 2019.

A chance meeting with Fitness First founder and investor Mike Balfour proved they were not alone in their thinking. Mike knew other business owners that were similarly frustrated with disappointing digital results and diminishing ROI, because their agencies were too focused on vanity metrics that didn’t translate into profit.

It was clear that a new approach to digital marketing was needed - one that focused on business growth and meaningful metrics - and this informed Fueld’s growth plan. In 2021, Mike was appointed Chair of Fueld’s Executive Board, and remains a committed shareholder and business partner.

We're getting noticed

Fueld was recently nominated as a finalist in both the UK eCommerce Awards and the UK Search Awards. BBC Radio 5 recently sought Fueld’s professional take on a widespread shortage of candidates via an interview. Having cemented our position as an agency capable of delivering best-in-class results for eCommerce and service-based clients, 2023 promises to be an exciting and challenging year.

If you’re a talented digital marketing pro and interested in joining our growing team, get in touch.

Our culture

We believe in people-first transparency, insight, boldness and bravery. We strive for better, always exceeding expectations to deliver sustainable results. And we’re driven by our clients’ successes, not our timesheets. We’re creative and strategic thinkers, led by data to diagnose and execute the right solutions to achieve your goals.

We tackle the ‘why’ before the ‘how’. That means taking the time to frontload every project to explore and develop the brief, and get to know you and your brand. We want to find out what drives you, what success looks like to you and why you care so much about what you do. As a close-knit, proactive team, we’re motivated by our clients’ successes and inspired by the All Blacks 15 Mantras.

Our ethos

A commercially focused, strategic approach

There’s no fixed, off-the-peg process here.

First, we get to know you and your marketplace. Our recommendations are always informed by what success looks like to you, because you’re the expert in your business and each client is unique. Our accurate and transparent reporting helps you track progress in the areas that matter most to you, and easily identify areas for further growth.

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