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Our Bath-based SEO team is focused on helping you accelerate your business growth. We’re an intuitive team of creative thinkers, data analysts and methodical thinkers that put time into understanding your customer user journey and buying habits.
Without the data, it’s just an opinion!

Who We Work With

We enjoy partnering with local and ambitious brands looking for SEO consultancy, a local marketing agency or those that need a full-service strategy as part of their marketing mix.

Fueld partners with a range of eCommerce & professional services businesses across the legal, healthcare, fashion, events and sporting goods industries both globally and across Bath and the South West. 


See our case studies below for some of our most recent clients that work with Fueld!

What Can Our SEO Team Do For You?

We recognise that no two businesses are the same and your marketing strategy should be customised to suit your business goals.

Our team work tirelessly to achieve;
📈 High Quality Leads
📈 Sustainable Growth
📈 Return On Investment

The Three Pillars of SEO:

Content SEO

Content is a core focus of any SEO strategy. At Fueld, we follow a data and user-led approach to drive visibility for relevant keywords, while also adhering to recent Google updates around helpful content. We also follow the Search Quality Raters and wholeheartedly believe that Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness (E-E-A-T) are key to strong organic results as part of a great SEO strategy.

Fueld Content

Technical SEO

Much like a car, your website requires looking after and regular search engine optimisation. This process starts with a personalised audit of your website to establish the good, the bad and the ugly. Our team of SEO specialists leave no stone unturned, to ensure that all technical issues are swiftly identified and resolved effectively.

Technical SEO


We often get asked if building backlinks is still effective for SEO. The short answer is yes it is. Google considers relevant backlinks as a trusted source of information, a vote of confidence and endorsement for your website. SEO agencies play a valuable role in securing high-quality backlinks rich in content from trusted sources.

Fueld Outreach
Expert SEO Services in Bath.
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SEO News

This industry doesn’t stand still, you can keep up to date with all our favourite updates across the digital marketing landscape right here on our Fueld News Page:

Fueld can also provide support with a range of other assignments to enhance your website performance. These include:

Local SEO

For many professional services businesses being seen, heard and chosen ahead of the local competition is integral to long-term business growth.

We believe in forging partnerships with some of the fastest and most innovative brands in Bath and the Southwest.

Google Analytics 4 & SEO Training

Google Analytics (GA4) is here to stay and your business will have almost certainly been receiving reminders to upgrade your property. Fueld will help you configure your GA4 correctly to ensure that conversion tracking is aligned with your SEO objectives. If you would like support, speak to our team about why Google Analytics 4 matters to your business and we’ll give you all the SEO training you need

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Nothing frustrates buyers and browsers more than being unable to locate what you are looking for quickly and efficiently. High bounce rates and slow load speed are just some of the most common barriers to maximising conversions. 

You can book a meeting with our SEO team at our office in Bath to discuss how CRO is impacting your online sales & website performance.


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To learn more about how we can achieve results for your business, get in touch today. We already work with a range of businesses located in Bath and the surrounding areas, and no challenge is too big for our team of experts

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Why choose Fueld?

We’re a tenacious, capable team of commercial strategists and business growth experts with a wealth of proven expertise across digital marketing. Using the combined power of creativity and data, we partner with ambitious eCommerce and service-based brands to achieve measurable and often dramatic business growth.

If you’d like to achieve measurable business growth and are open to hearing how Fueld can help you please book a call with our Business growth team or pop into our office based in Widcombe!

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