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Exploiting the power of social media

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It's no secret that the major social media giants operate a pay-to-play model. The days of achieving widespread organic reach and engagement are more limited than ever.
We plan and manage strategic social media campaigns across platforms with huge power and global reach such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok.

Our Paid Social Ads strategies are engineered to complement your audience's buying habits to increase sales and widen engagement, grow your online community, introduce your products, boost brand awareness or a combination of them all. We’ll scrutinise the data and build a sales funnel to accelerate this process.

Our integrated Paid Social services analyse your brand objectives and recommend the platforms and bespoke strategies that will drive the results you’re looking for - all in line with your overarching content strategy for consistent messaging. And if there’s no content strategy in place we can devise creative messaging that’s tailored to your audience’s behaviour, interests and demographics.

Our expert Paid Social team manages monthly budgets from £2k - £100k, delivering efficient results at scale, always allocating budget to the platforms and strategies that will deliver the best results for you.

Meta Marketing

Increased visibility on the largest social media platforms in the world

Meta platforms include Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, and these offer an unrivalled chance of reaching your dream customers by targeting users based on behaviour and interests.

Content can be presented in various formats - from carousels through to video reels and dynamic product ads.

Meta platforms offer a plethora of marketing solutions, and the challenge is to establish which ones will deliver the best ROI for your brand. And that’s where our experts come in.

Using direct integration with your website and online store, we promote your products in real-time based on product priority, stock levels and current promotions.

Fuel your Meta:

  • Boost your presence across Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

  • Integrate with your website

  • Build your community

Marketing on TikTok

TikTok is powerful and it’s here to stay

With 1 billion global daily active users, and 67% of users saying TikTok ads inspire them to shop (even when they weren’t looking for that particular product), the potential for TikTok to advertise and convert cannot be ignored. 

For impulse buys, brand awareness and general visibility, TikTok is the place to be and that’s only set to grow as its digital land grab continues.

We devise powerful TikTok video marketing campaigns that capture attention and underpin your wider marketing strategy. Through a process of creating, refining and repeating, the insight we gather from monitoring your data will be used to further refine each campaign, targeting relevant audiences and reinforcing brand awareness.

Fuel your TikTok:

  • Short-form video with purpose

  • High-impact engagement

  • Accelerate brand awareness and visibility

Growning with LinkedIn

Build your personal and business brand with LinkedIn’s powerful possibilities

While some businesses focus their attention on Meta and TikTok, others (mainly service-based firms) know that the real potential for them is to be found on the professional networking platform LinkedIn. 

A powerful tool for building a professional brand, LinkedIn offers a unique opportunity to target audiences based on granular data such as their profession, sector, seniority and even their job title.

If you’re looking for the key decision maker within a company, you’ll find them on LinkedIn. 

Fueld devises LinkedIn outreach campaigns that strategically build trust and brand awareness. It’s always informed by data and we use the latest technical strategies to ensure you’re getting a return on your investment.

Fuel your LinkedIn:

  • Build your professional brand

  • Connect and engage key decision-makers

  • Leverage automation and spot opportunities

Breakthrough Channels

Explore further options

While we may focus on the biggest platforms that are currently dominating the marketplace, we certainly don’t ignore the smaller, more niche ones that quietly work hard for various brands online. And we’ve always got an eye on what’s coming next, too.

Platforms such as Pinterest, Twitter and Snapchat all offer powerful opportunities to reach new and existing customers, and we factor those in when we’re planning social campaigns and making recommendations for our clients based on the best platform/s to focus their budget.

We apply a holistic approach to managing your budgets. We call this omnichannel marketing.

Fuel your other channels:

  • Build brand awareness on the platforms that matter to you

  • Be seen where your target customers hang out

  • Exploit ahead-of-the-curve social networks

Social Media Reporting

Transparent and regular reporting that’s tailored to you

Understanding the KPIs that matter most to you defines your success. Our reporting suite is built to track performance with return on investment in mind, so it’s always clear how your budget is being spent. 

We tailor our reports to your needs to ensure we’re reporting on the most valuable and important metrics to you - the ones that translate into profit.

We invest in transparent reporting that’s tailored to your objectives. Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) is central to this, helping identify future areas for improvement and growth.

A close working partnership with our clients allows us to personalise our approach. With a dedicated account manager for each client, we offer face-to-face meetings for local clients as well as regular video calls to assess performance and set new goals.

You’ll be fully briefed on the results we achieve for you across social media with the help of our detailed reports that are designed to clearly demonstrate the impact of your spend, along with opportunities for further social media success. 

With full transparency, we give you access to live dashboards, regular updates covering campaign trends, insights and our bespoke recommendations to further accelerate performance. 

Fuel your Social Media Reporting:

  • Understand which activities/platforms deliver the best results for you

  • Stay updated with results and performance

  • Invest in the right places for maximum ROI