AnswerThePublic’s acquisition by Ubersuggest: What does it mean for marketing?

One of the biggest news stories doing the rounds in marketing circles right now is that AnswerThePublic has been acquired by NP Digital’s Ubersuggest

What does this mean in real terms? Well, the data insight that informs your SEO and content strategy is about to get turbocharged!

The integration of these two big industry tools means that the amount of search term insight you’ll get access to is going to go off the charts. This is a massive opportunity for businesses large and small to refine their content so it hits the mark every single time.

What does AnswerThePublic do for marketing?

Digital marketing and content agencies around the world rely on search information from AnswerThePublic. It quickly and efficiently lets you know what people are searching for online, around any given topic. It does this by listening to search engine autocomplete data and giving you brilliant content ideas around your chosen search term.

When you consider that almost all of the 3 billion search enquiries that people enter every single day trigger an autocomplete suggestion, you can quickly see just how valuable this sort of insight can be. Rather than writing (and spending money on) bland copy that floats around on the web aimlessly, AnswerThePublic helps you create content that answers your target audiences’ queries and reinforces your brand as an authority in your industry. And we all know that fresh, engaging and in-demand content gets results.

Ubersuggest is already building on AnswerThePublic’s technology and businesses of all sizes can access it (it’s currently in Beta) to gain deeper insights into people’s behaviour when browsing the web. And there’s a pretty sweet 50% off deal for early adopters, too (we’re not on commission, promise!).

What’s in store for AnswerThePublic?

Now that AnswerThePublic is part of the Ubersuggest family, we expect to see a rapid development of features that’ll take content and SEO planning and strategy to the next level. With NP Digital’s team of tech whizzes, software engineers, developers and designers on board, we’ve no doubt that it’ll soon be one of the most powerful, widely used marketing tools available on the market.

At Fueld Ltd we are firm believers in the power of using search engine data to inform your content. We create top-quality content that’s written to connect with human beings but that also attracts the search engines, so that you can be sure that your content is always working hard for you, both on stage and behind the scenes.

You can bet that we’ll be maximising the potential of the new-look AnswerThePublic to help our clients take their content to new heights. Get in touch to find out how we can get your content working harder for you!

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