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My Key Takeaways from the Active Campaign Study Hall


We’ve been using ActiveCampaign for a number of months now, mainly to help us integrate helpful lead forms on our website, but we knew the platform was capable of much more!
Luckily the timing of the Active Campaign Study Hall in London was perfect, I went along with an open mind to walk away with a heap of ideas and a solid grasp on the platform’s capabilities to improve our marketing automation, streamline our customer journey and help us deliver an all-round better nurturing sequence for new and existing clients.

Here’s what I learned …

Separating Contacts Using Lists, Tags, and Custom Fields
One of the fundamental strategies that I learnt for managing contacts in Active Campaign is effectively segmenting them using lists, tags, and custom fields. Each of these elements serves a distinct purpose:


One particular pain point we have struggled with is difficulty in sending targeted and personalised communication to the right audience. Lists in Active Campaign are used to group contacts based on specific criteria. For example, you can create separate lists for existing clients, contacts who have filled out a “Contact Us” form, and leads generated from marketing campaigns. This segmentation allows for more targeted communication and helps ensure that the right message reaches the right audience. This is useful as now we can tailor our marketing campaigns more precisely, ensuring that our existing clients receive updates relevant to them while new leads get the introductory information they need (including our creds deck and case studies).


Tags act like badges for your contacts, labelling and categorising them based on their interactions and behaviours. For instance, you might tag contacts who have had a Calendly call with your team or those who attended a webinar. Tags are flexible and can be applied and removed automatically based on triggers and actions, making them ideal for us for tracking engagement. This is useful as it allows us to quickly identify and segment our audience based on their engagement levels, helping us to follow up more effectively. For example, we can easily send a follow-up email to those who attended our webinar, offering additional resources or next steps. This means we don’t miss any opportunities with potential leads.

Custom Fields

Custom fields allow you to store data that is unique to each contact. This is useful as we can now store and utilise detailed information about our contacts, such as personalising email content to match individual preferences. This could include information such as the last engagement date, the next appointment date, or specific preferences and interests. Custom fields provide a deeper level of personalisation, enabling us to tailor our communication and offers to individual needs and behaviours.

Contact Scoring

Contact scoring is a feature that simplifies the process of assessing how engaged your contacts are. By assigning points based on specific actions and interactions, we can create a scoring system that reflects the level of interest and engagement of each contact.
With contact scoring, we can automate actions based on a contact’s score. For example, it can automatically send an email or trigger a specific workflow when a contact’s score reaches a certain threshold. This is useful as it helps in nurturing leads and maintaining engagement without manual intervention. For instance, when a contact’s score indicates high engagement, we can automatically send them more advanced content or a special offer, ensuring that we capitalise on their interest at the right moment.

Creating Landing Pages

Active Campaign also offers the ability to create customised landing pages. These landing pages can be designed to capture leads, promote events, or offer downloadable resources such as a lead magnet. This feature is useful as it allows us to create dedicated, high-conversion pages without needing a separate platform or additional tools. For example, we can create a landing page for a specific webinar, complete with a registration form, detailed information, and follow-up email sequences all within Active Campaign. This will streamline our marketing efforts and ensure a cohesive user experience from start to finish.


Attending the Active Campaign Study Hall event gave us a deeper understanding of leveraging this platform to enhance customer engagement and streamline marketing efforts. We can now utilise the platform to optimise our marketing processes, improve customer satisfaction, and ultimately, achieve better results for our business.
We would like to thank Active Campaign for the Study Hall and for teaching us how to utilise the platform!